Corporate Massage

Salus Chair Massage concentrates on the key areas of stress in office workers. Often as a result of poor desk posture, the back, neck and shoulders are generally the most stressed. Our specialised massage techniques release tension, stretch out tight muscles, improve posture, manage stress and rejuvenate all while the client is comfortably seated on our specially designed chairs..

How it can work for your office!

Salus Corporate Massage is perfect for inclusion in your Health and Wellness Programme. It is easy to set up and the most cost effective way to look after the wellbeing of your staff.

We travel to your premises so you can benefit from our specialist chair massage treatments onsite, and at your convenience.

Salus chair massages is easily incorporated into the working day. Each treatment takes 15 minutes, so that no employee is away from their desk for long.

We do all the necessary organisation and scheduling in close liaison with your HR department.

Our service is easily integrated into your workplace, bringing great benefits with no disruption to operations.

All we need is a suitable room or space to work in, and we provide the equipment required.

Our office massages are unintrusive; the client remains fully clothed and no oils or creams are used.

Benefits for employers
  • Reduces staff sick days/ absenteeism.
  • Rewards employees and increases their loyalty.
  • Increase staff retention.
  • Increases staff productivity.
  • Increases awareness of health & wellbeing in the workplace.
  • Improves job satisfaction.
  • Reduces stress in the workplace.
Benefits for employees


  • Relieves stress, muscle tension, stiffness, mental fatigue, and back, neck & shoulder aches and pains.
  • Improves focus, creativity and problem-solving ability.
  • Heightens employees’ sense of being valued and appreciated.
  • Releases natural, feel-good endorphins.
  • Reduces risk of RSI (repetitive strain Injury).

Why choose Salus Corporate & Event Massage!

We Care!

We care about our work, and bringing health & wellbeing to your office is our top priority.

Fully qualified & insured therapists

Our therapist are the best around, fully qualified and insured, and focused on the wellbeing of your company.

Investing in your staffs wellness

Investing in the wellness of your staff will give you the best ROI.

Cost effective

Implementing Salus Corporate Massage is simple, cost effective and rewarding for both employer and employee.

We provide the best service!

The Salus team is committed to bringing the best on-site massage service to your workplace!

Productive workplace

Healthy employees make for a productive workplace.

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